Beat 'Em Up/Briga de Rua Jogos

Joga Jogos de Briga de Rua em Vence o inimigo em jogos de 1 para 1 de boxe ou artes marciais e seja o vencedor por TKO. O melhor do género Beat 'em up apenas no
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Beat 'Em Up Games

Street Fighter was one of the original arcade machine games that helped popularized the beat 'em up genre. The most distinctive quality of these games is the arcade-style melee fighting with optional close-range, cold weapons like a sword and sometimes firearms. Plus, detailed level design with plenty of enemies that typically end with a boss fight. This category is one of the most popular subgenres of action games. Historically, these games would use 2D side scrolling levels. Over time, new technology has made three-dimensional game worlds possible as well. To add interest these games often allow multiple characters with different strengths and weaknesses to be unlocked, along with additional weapons. A common scene for beat 'em up games is set in busy city streets to provide for action-packed gameplay.

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