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They Are All Zombies

7,002 vezes jogadas

Validação Humana

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Detalhes do jogo

They Are All Zombies is a zombie running game and its all because they are all zombies! World has been plunged into absolute darkness in the game They are All Zombies, and because of a dangerous virus, mankind has begun to mutate into dangerous undead! Are you ready to face them as one of the few surviving humans of this tragedy? The waves of bloodthirsty zombies will chase you through the corridors of your school ready to devour you, and your only mission will be to collect all kinds of throwing objects and weapons to defend yourself in order to prevent them from advancing and reaching you. How far will you be able to go alive? Lock yourself in a safe place to replenish your energy and try to save humanity once and for all. Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

Adicionado em 23 Nov 2022