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Put Bacon is a yummy food tossing game. we'll never know for sure. In Put Bacon, Your goal is to toss the bacon slice into the bin. Trust your reflexes and be patience, it requires an ability to calculate distances. Each slice of bacon is dangled above the frying pan then tap to release it tap it again when it hits the frying pan. Put Bacon is a minimalistic clicker game where you are trying to get as many slices of bacon as possible into the cup. All that matters is that you are trying to get the bacon in the cup. So drop it, slap it, and cross your fingers. This is the dawning of a new you, this is the bacon revolution. Toss as many slices of bacon into the bin from the pan and obtain highs score, Don't forget to challenge your friends. Play more games on y8.

Desenvolvedor: Zygomatic
Adicionado em 01 Sep 2020