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Idle Military Base: Army Tycoon

3,417 vezes jogadas

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Detalhes do jogo

Do you want to become a military tycoon, build your own military base and experience a real military simulator? A military base with nothing on it will fall under your control. Your mission is to expand it! Create the largest military base with equipment! To speed up the traffic on the line — click on this line. To build a military base — you need to pump the general characteristics of the base. You earn money with the help of transport on the lines, increase the number of vehicles and points on the line so that the line earns more! Also buy other lines. If you catch a golden transport on the line, you will get a bonus. Also be careful not to miss the proposed accelerators that will help accelerate the development of your military city. Enjoy playing this army base idle game here at Y8.com!

Adicionado em 31 Mar 2024