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Bouncing Ring is a free endless avoider game. If you want to win and you think you have the patience and reflexes to make it to the top of the leader-board, then step into the ring: The Bouncing Ring. Bouncing Ring is easy to play and hard to master. Bouncing Ring is an endless avoider game where all you have to do is keep the inside of your golden ring centered around a never-ending platform. The longer you're able to stay alive the faster the game will get. You can gain extra points by collecting stars along the way, as long as you're nimble enough to alter your course and grab them. Bouncing Ring isn't just a free endless avoider game, it is an endless avoider game that takes it to the next level by forcing the player to adhere to a platform by navigating a ring that must have its top and bottom carefully managed in order not to hit the platform. Step up to a new challenge, the challenge of the Bouncing Ring. It only takes a second to learn and is a game you'll never regret trying. And who knows you just might end up dominating the leader board.

Adicionado em 19 Jan 2020
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Good rating
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