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Ancient monumental architecture with distinct design characteristics exists throughout the globe in a manner, which suggests they have a common heritage. The technical precision of the construction is so extraordinary it is almost unconceivable that almost hunter-gatherers could have built them and in some cases the technical achievement is beyond what can be done today. In 12800BC a comet was hypothesized to have struck the great ice sheet over North America bringing extinction level destruction to the Americas and parts of Europe. The warming earth returned to ice, the sea level fell and then rose again sharply, the skies were turned black as all the bio mass of North America was razed and the human gene pool was reduced to approximately 30,000 inhabitants. In 2013 the Younger Dryas impact ceased to be a hypothesis and became a highly probable historical event. Was this the demise of the last great epoch of man?

Adicionado em 12 Aug 2016
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