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Descrição do vídeo:

No one has been able to avoid the newest Chanel advertisement in the form of mini-films: it catches one's eye and curiosity. We all know the perfume advertised in the ad: Chanel n°5. Legendary fragrance. But that which catches our attention is the man. Not any man: the French Haute Couture house hired Brad Pitt. But why a man? And why Brad Pitt?
Celebrity has always fascinated Andy, who habitually reflects upon its the very essence and closely observes its different facets. After having witnessed the projection of the ad, he realized it was an ideal opportunity to question consumers. Is Chanel selling us a celebrity or a perfume? Why does a famous face convince consumers to buy a product more efficiently than an anonymous one?
Using his acquired skills, Andy decides to mask Brad Pitt's face, hiding the effects of celebrity and leaving only the primary intention. The masks, inspired by human facial muscles and the patterns decorating the wings of butterflies, have a particular aesthetic that allows one to reflect upon two points.
On the one hand, the anatomical aspect of the mask enables the face, this regularity exhibited business card, to be laid bare.
On the second hand, the parallel with the butterfly denounces a constant and perfect beauty, which is paradoxically ephemeral.
This essay does not intend to provide any specific answers but to bring the consumer to consciously reflect upon his own nature. Perhaps enabling him to built a truer personal identity rather than an imaginary identification.

Adicionado em 09 Dec 2016
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